Hanging Out On Puro Beach

Feb 28 2018

The beaches are always a great place to go for relaxation in Mallorca, and they’re even better when there’s a ton of really hot girls there. But you see, when you have an agency like ours at your disposal, you can go to the beach and not have to panic about finding a hot girl to spend your evening with. You already know you’re going to have a professional companion at your side, so you can enjoy your time even more! Hell, you could even book one of our Mallorca escorts to go to the beach with you. We’re betting that you’ll probably see plenty of escorts whilst you’re there anyway (you just won’t know that’s what they are!)

There’s more to this beach than meets the eye!

Puro Beach however is very different, and it may well be a place that you want to take your Mallorca escort to. It’s much better to enjoy a place like this with a beautiful young woman at your side. It’s not just a beach, it’s a club where people can do anything they want really, party, relax, dine, sip cocktails and socialise. But the one thing all these activities have in common is that they’re all enjoyed on the beach, with a fantastic view, where the sun is always shining!

There’s also a pool and a wonderful terrace area to hangout on and even spa treatments available to those who want them. Why not have a massage on the beach whilst you sip your favourite cocktails, in the company of our stunning Mallorca escorts? We know for a certain fact, they would gladly accompany you there. Hell, you’ll probably even see some of them there if you look closely enough. Just promise us that you’ll leave them alone? They may well be on a date with someone else after all!

Dining at Puro Beach

So, you’ve had a massage, a swim in the pool and perhaps enjoyed some cocktails with a beautiful woman. What next? You can have dinner with your companion if you wish. It’s definitely “fine dining” here. They focus on healthy options here mostly, but they certainly don’t compromise on taste! The brownies are a particular favourite of ours when we’re feeling naughty! We recommend getting a number of small dishes if you can, and really appreciate the different tastes. The Asian beef salad is exceptional and so tender!

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1, 07610 Cala Estancia